ZWEINOTE is not a Japanese currency. It is not a foreign currency either. It is not a currency linked to US dollar.
ZWEINOTE is not a currency-denominated asset, such as bonds. It’s principal is not guaranteed.
ZWEINOTE is not guaranteed its value from any corporation or individual.
ZWEINOTE can be purchased at the same rate as the dollar at the time of purchasing ZWN until August 31, 2017, but after September 1, 2017 the trading and exchange rate will fluctuate with market trends.
ZWEINOTE is a colored coin using block chains (BITCOIN's block chain as of May 2017) and plans to pay a dividend of about 5% per annum to the initial issue value twice a year by sending bitcoins.
ZWEINOTE is a token. Resources accepted by ZWEINOTE through token exchange are dispersed into relatively stable various revenue businesses in the real estate industry, and the fruits from those businesses are returned to the owner of the token in the form of bitcoin.
ZWEINOTE may cause a large loss directly due to fluctuations in the exchange rate etc. For example, in comparison with the initial purchase or when exchanging in the secondary market, if transaction / exchange rate is decreasing, the loss will be determined once converted.
It may be impossible to execute dividends due to security problems such as cyber attacks, problems on systems paying dividends, operational problems, etc. If the price is distorted considerably from the average value or fears or dissemination of such a rumor, it may cause to loss. In addition, the fruits resulting from ZWEINOTE's management of resources, fall below expectations, dividends of about 5% per annum may be impossible.