Are you interested in Zweispace partnership?

We have co-working partners all over the world and all the Zweispace co-working partners can use and benefit our service.

Our Service

1. Free Listing on each Global Zweispace Web Site

2. We can accept Bitcoin for Reservation and transaction on behalf of partner hostel.


3. We encourage our ZweiNote User to stay our listings


4. We support long term accommodation for global traveler

ex. Japan partner Oakhouse


5. Offer Seminar tickets for guests.

Zweispace organizes different kind of professional seminars in each city, and we offer the tickets for free to your guests.


6. Offer Party, Event tickets for guests.

Zweispace organizes parties and events all over the world, and we offer party tickets for free to your guests.


7. Organize Sightseeing Tour for co-working guest

Ex. Mt. Fuji and FujiQ highland oneday tour, Nikko monkey and onsen tour


8.Provide list of partnered English Menu Restaurants, bars, and ticket of 3 dinner for the price of two


9. Zwei Cup Awards, Fund Raising Opportunity not just IT/Designer/MovieClip, Free Co-working for two hours.


For registration or further information, please contact us vie email.

We contact you as soon as possible.

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